To My Most Beloved FANFAN

This is gonna be my first ever blog post. And it’s dedicated to you, my beloved star. (Let’s forget abt the previous posts, I was just testing blogging that time.)

In fact, this is in response to that shitty article on Kashigasa, stating her friend was Fanfan’s ex in Korea. I wanna laugh out loud n slap him/her really hard in the face. That article created a lot of voices, especially haters’ voices.

So I feel responsible to clear to protect his rep.

So, here it is.

(I just copied n pasted from my Kashigasa comment.)

Ok, genius, u made this really cinvincing. Even i was having doubts after i first read the article. Really a master ‘piece of shit’!!!

It was sooo assuring that it looks too fake.

1st, the 4th photo – Whoa! Your so-called friend must be taller than KRIS cuz her head is much higher than the ‘lengthy’ KRIS.Plus his face looks a hellll lot like it was photoshopped.

2nd, the 5th photo – Yeah, I’m now sure she is really tall, cuz her hand is as big as KRIS’ n her fingers just as long.N we all know KRIS has really big n long hands.

3rd, the 5th photo – Like who would use a fan-taken blurry concert photo for ur Wechat profile picture instead of a selca?? N u can see the difference in style between this profile pic n his Ins n Weibo ones.

4th, the 7th photo – U said to confirm the case n added those last two picture. That’s where u r wrong girl. Like who would send ur girlfriend a photo containing the nearly naked figure of another man.(TAO is wearing only his underpants in the behind.) If u r a boy, would u send that kind of picture to ur girlfriend???

5th, Like Kris-Bar said, u used an international IP address so his team cannot track u from China. Also an anonymous acc which was created only ytd, like specially created to write this scandal.

6th, let’s see the contents of the article.

U said ur friend doesn’t know the exact detail of KRIS’ profession. And then she told u i-n-d-e-t-a-i-l of KRIS’ relationship with the members, their opinions on his departure, his relationship with TAO (when she said she hasn’t personally met any member), why n when he returned to Canada, why he came back, how ‘apologized’ to the members to take him back in group (like someone would talk abt the way he had to apologize to others)

And why would he apologize? He went back to Canada for family reasons. N if SM management was angry with him at that time, then why would the EXO-M manager meet him at the airport when he came back n hug him,both smiling happily. SM would just ignore him totally if he really left there for his personal best.

7th, u got all the time factors wrong! If u wanna create a scandal, at least get the facts right!

KRIS went back to Canada in March 2013, not like u said in April. And he didnt only go to Canada. He was also in Guang Zhou n Beijing. Being his girlfriend n doesn’t even know he ur boyfriend went.

N he n director XJL didnt meet in December. They’ve been following each other on Weibo since August, at the start of Growl Era. So that means they must have met each other ‘before’ August!

8th, u said Lee Soo Man was like a ‘father figure’. Wow, that’s the first time i heard sth soo bullshit. If he was a father figure, then why would the idols not respect him n file lawsuit against him one after another.

9th, u said KRIS n ur friend dated for several months. How many months exactly is ‘several months’ may i ask??? Is ‘several months’ enough to understand one’s personality if the one person soooo busy with his work that he doesn’t get enough time for sleeping let alone dating. (At that time, EXO was sooo busy with Growl promotions, Showtime, MID, MCing,….. . U can see in Showtime that members often fell asleep during filming n their skin was so lousy at that time.) So where’s the time for dating, where’s the time to get to know personalities???

10th, Ur girlfriend said KRIS smoked n drank. N also he would always wear designer clothes even for meeting up with friends in case fans spot him. Well, a person who’s afraid of being photographed not designer clothes wouldn’t be more afraid of being seen smoking n drinking by his fans?? Cuz that would ruin his image a lot more.

11th, KRIS said he has never gone through heartbreak in an interview. That means he’s never been in a relationship. No Lin Xin Ya, no Xiu Jing Lei, no Bona.

He says never been in a relationship n that’s it!

No need to continue.



I wanna writes posts about EXO & KRIS.
IAnd I wanna write my own stories here. My friend ‘s writing some on Wattpad and wanna write them her.

And we have a reaaly similarly close names. Actually, this FOREVERYHEARTBEAT is one of he rideas….

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